That Tool Martin Shkreli Got Sent To Jail And Twitter Is Roasting Him To Pieces

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It’s always a good day when something negative happens to Martin Shkreli, that’s why it was a glorious day when he got hit in the face with poop. But now be ready to smile because Shkreli has been sent to jail after he said he would pay anyone who brought him a lock of Hillary Clinton’s hair $5,000. And that was enough for a judge to toss him behind bars.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked Shkreli’s $5 million on Wednesday and then proceeded to scold the hell out of him.

“The fact that he continues to remain unaware of the inappropriateness of his actions or words demonstrate to me he may well be an ongoing danger or risk to the community,” Matsumoto said, adding that Shkreli’s call for Clinton’s hair would “cause a reasonable person to have concern.”

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Shkreli insisted his call for Clinton’s hair was a joke and satire that meant no harm. He apologized in a letter to the court. The judge was unmoved.

“He should be apologizing to the government and Secretary Clinton,” she said.

The judge found the comments by the former pharmaceutical firm’s CEO wasn’t protected First Amendment speech — it was an invitation for crime.

“He is soliciting an assault on another person in exchange for $5,000,” Matsumoto said. “I can’t say with any certainty that the threats have not been taken seriously by anybody.”

The more Shkreli heard Matsumoto’s comments, the more slumped and stone-faced he became. Shkreli, already looking grim, sagged slightly when he heard the decision to remand him. It sent gasps through the courtroom.

Ben Brafman, Shkreli’s lawyer, tried to plea with the Matsumoto but Matsumoto thankfully didn’t change his mind.

Shkreli will be sentenced on January 16. And the news of all this led Twitter to roast Shkreli to pieces. Take a look.

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