People Are Leaving ‘Landmines’ Of Poop On Beach Ahead Of Right Wing Rally

Photo: NUKUL2533 (Getty)

Since a right wing rally will be held on Crissy Field in San Francisco after somehow being issued a permit, local dog walkers are being invited and encouraged to not clean up after their dog in order for those right wingers to have quite the gift upon stepping on to the beach.


Here’s a description of the event thanks to Facebook.

“Leave a gift for our Alt-Right friends. Take your dog to Crissy Field and let them do their business and be sure not to clean it up! Watch out for landmines, friends! We can get together Sunday and clean up the mess and hug each other!”

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Plenty of people have supported the idea, while some folks believe the area should be kept clean and beautiful. Now let’s get back to how these folks got a permit to begin with.


The National Park Service had earlier told Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson that he had permission for the event, but withheld issuing the permit until the group agreed to the conditions.

The park service said denying Patriot Prayer a permit would violate the organization’s free speech rights. San Francisco’s mayor, US Senator Dianne Feinstein and US Representative Nancy Pelosi were among the Democratic politicians who had called on the federal agency to reject the permit.

Mayor Ed Lee said Wednesday he was ‘disappointed’ with the park service’s decision to issue the permit.

These idiots will of course show up spewing hateful rhetoric, but hopefully it will not get out of hand like it did in Charlottesville. Here’s hoping these men and women just step on dog poop and have their day ruined. That would be ideal.

The event is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. Saturday at Crissy Field. So poop away, dogs. Poop away.

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