Texas Teacher Arrested For Sexting Student After Sending Him Naked Photos Of Her In A Tanning Bed

Photo(s): Grand Prairie PD

It’s been a while since we’ve came across another bad teacher, right? Well, it’s been just a week since the last time we mentioned a teacher as last time it was to tell you all about a high school science teacher who was obsessed with a student and then hooked up with him. And while the teacher in this story didn’t hook up with her student, she did sext the hell out of him.

sex teacher2

Photo(s): Grand Prairie PD

Let’s all talk about 28-year-old Rebecca Goerdel, a special education teacher at the Young Men’s Leadership Academy of Kennedy Middle School in Grand Prairie. Goerdel was recently indicted for allegedly soliciting an eighth-grade student. That’s right, eight-grade student.

According to police, Goerdel did not have sexual intercourse with the student, but she did sit on the student’s lap in her car, made out with him and then sexted him by sending him a photo as she was lying naked in a tanning bed. Oh, Goerdel even asked the student to draw a portrait of her. What the hell…?

sext teacher1

Photo(s): Grand Prairie PD


Police later discovered sexually explicit text conversations between Goerdel and the student, some of which came from “third party apps that have since been deleted.” On March 11, an officer texted Goerdel from the student’s phone and she responded asking him to spend the night with her.

Goerdel never returned to the classroom after her arrest earlier this year.

And here’s what the Grand Prairie school district had to say on their former teacher’s arrest:

“We are pleased that law enforcement has doggedly pursued this matter and that Goerdel is being held responsible for her conduct. The safety of our students is among the highest priorities of the Grand Prairie Independent School District and that starts in the classroom. We believe the teacher-student relationship is sacred. It reflects a vow from teachers to parents that their children are safe — as safe as they would be at home. When a teacher in Grand Prairie ISD breaks that vow, he or she will be dealt with quickly and aggressively.”

I think it’s best this lady keeps her naked tanning photos to herself next time around. Oh, and she should probably stop making out with her students.

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