Indonesian Man Strips Naked And Tries To Enter Presidential Palace To Marry His Dead Girlfriend

Screenshot: YouTube

Human beings have different ways of grieving after a loved one passes away, but this has to be a first.

According to Coconuts, a 32-year-old naked man was “forcibly detained” by Presidential Security Forces outside of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta yesterday after he tried to get inside the palace so he could marry his dead girlfriend.

Friends and family think the man was hallucinating and seriously thought he was going to marry his girlfriend in front of the palace, but they don’t think he was under the influence of any hardcore drugs or Four Loko. Instead, they think he was so depressed about his girlfriend passing away three years ago, that it sent him spiraling out of control into a nasty world of hallucinations.

“As far as I know, he once failed to get married because (his girlfriend) was of a different religion,” the man’s brother said. “It looks like he can’t control his depression.”

On top of the anniversary of his girlfriend’s death, it seems as though the man had other things on his mind that could have contributed to his naked rendezvous in front of the Presidential Palace.

“He’s usually healthy,” his brother said. “Maybe he’s depressed because his business is not doing well. Perhaps he can’t handle it after he’s been holding in (many emotions) lately. He has many responsibilities, such as his rent, his employees.”

The man is still in police custody a day later, but it’s unknown if he’s cheered up enough to put his clothes back on.

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