This Doll Is Apparently Haunting The Hell Out Of A Family

Photo: Warner Bros.

I don’t care if you do or don’t believe in ghosts or spirits or demons, but I believe there is something that we can all agree on: the two scariest things on this planet are clowns and dolls. And the latter is what the story below is all about.

A woman named Debbie Merrick recently purchased three china dolls from a second-hand stop that cost her about $6.50. But that was nothing compared to the hell Debbie and her family has been through since her purchase. According to the 50-year-old woman, one of the dolls is completely haunted and things like smoke alarms going off in the middle of the night, things moving around by themselves and even scratches on her husband Cameron’s legs are all proof that the doll is haunted.

Photo: eBay

Photo: eBay

In fact, Debbie has grown so desperate that she actually attempted to sell the freaky doll on eBay, simply to get rid of it. So let me get this straight: Debbie didn’t bury it or burn the doll, she decided to make it someone else’s problem? Not cool, Deb.

Daily Mail

Mrs Merrick’s friend, a medium, told her the china toy had ‘something in it’ prompting her to fearfully bundle it into a box in the shed. She’s since found the doll has ‘moved’ and taken its own necklace off while in the box, so Mrs Merrick has put the doll on eBay, refusing to touch it again.

Mrs Merrick, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: “I don’t know why I decided to buy the dolls. It was a bit strange, but at the time I didn’t think much about it. Even that’s unusual. They were really cheap, they were only £5 I think, and I thought they would probably be worth quite a bit of money. It’s really just the one doll with the white dress I don’t like. I didn’t particularly even like touching that one when I bought it. The other two I don’t mind as much.”

Well alright then…

Photo: eBay

Photo: eBay

As I am currently writing this the bidding on the doll is currently close with a winning bid of $1129. Well, now that demon doll can cause chaos in someone else’s household. As for Debbie, at least she got a hell of a lot more money for the doll then what she paid for. So, success?

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