Obama Memes Will Help You Remember The Good Old Days

Photo: JEWEL SAMAD(Getty Images)

Whether you like him or not, you have to recognize the fact that Barrack Obama was the first star president. Basically, a movie star who was also the head of the most powerful force in the world. He cracked jokes, roasted people, he went to late night shows regularly, and, most importantly, he became a meme-lord on the level of Nicolas Cage. Obama memes are what we will remember the presidency of the 44th leader of the United States of America. Literally, every thing Obama did was meme-worthy, and since his mandate lasted for eight years, there has been quite a bit of different Obama memes.

The Not Bad face definitely being the most famous one, but it didn’t have that much to do with the actual man behind the face. The “Thanks, Obama” is surely the second most used Obama meme. Although it started outside the meme sphere and was used by Obama’s opponents as a legitimate insult, since it was overused it became a fresh meme.

Sometimes memes become a clever satire of the society, which is definitely the case with the thanks Obama meme as it ridicules the common belief that the president is all-responsible for everything happening in a country. So if your parents tell you that watching memes online is a waste of time respond by saying that you’re being politically active and making a change in the society.

On the concept of change – it’s how Obama won the first elections, and eight years later, whether you voted for him or not, there’s no denying that there wasn’t any massive change. The status quo never changed, and despite all of his charisma and the blessed memes he has given us – you just have to look at Obama as just another politician. That is until we saw what replaced him.

Pretty sure that the Obama memes are the main reason why he got reelected. I’m mean, he zeroed in on the meme generation.

Two meme-lords combined Obama and Drake, what could go wrong? Or should we say meme-presidents?

Obama watched too many Terminator movies not to grow suspicious of Stephen Hawking. These one-time appearing Obama memes are far better than those that keep being reused. A person is truly a fertile ground for memes when he has several cameras pointed at him in every moment.

Just one of the guys, looking for lolz wherever he goes. Things sure were lighter when Obama was in office.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Obama meme. The sad thing is that we can picture Donald Trump saying this to an actual kid. And if the kid said those were his legos, the current president would respond with a “fake news” acquisition on his Twitter at 3:00 AM.

Another one of those Obama memes that got rehashed but it is a brilliant one. It also illustrates the starting point of the article that Obama was the first-star president that acted like didn’t have the launch codes for nuclear missiles.

Obama was great, but not a day goes by that we don’t regret that Bill Clinton wasn’t a president during the internet/meme era. Just the Monika Lewinsky scandal would fuel the meme fires for the whole mandate.

After getting over a break-up of any kind, there is the one side that is trying to win the breakup, and America, Obama is definitely winning.

So what are your favorite Obama memes? Share them in the comments below, we’ll surely rate them as “not bad”.

Obama Was Often Caught Rocking the Dad Sneakers, a Meme In Their Own Right.