Florida Woman Arrested For Attacking Brother With Chicken Nuggets

Photo: Chris Hondros (Getty)

While one Florida hooker was hoping to get some chicken nuggets in exchange for sex, the woman in this story was wasting her nuggets by attacking her brother with them instead.

Once again Florida fails to disappoint as 20-year-old Asia Iesha Jimenez was feeding her one-year-old son recently when “her brother decided to grab some food from her plate.” And that’s a big no-no in Jimenez’ household.

The Smoking Gun

As Jimenez’s sibling started to eat the pilfered grub, she reportedly “became upset and threw several chicken nuggets at him and told him to stop.” Upon being pelted with the nuggets, Jimenez’s brother retaliated by hitting and throwing water on his sister.

The duo, who tangled in their family’s Bradenton residence, was separated by their mother. Jimenez’s child “witnessed the altercation and was not harmed,” a cop noted. By the time police arrived at the home, Jimenez’s brother had already departed. It does not appear as if he was injured by the thrown chicken.

And things wrapped up with Jimenez being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. She currently is still in custody and probably wishing she was eating some nuggets.

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