Road Rage Leads Florida Man To Pull Out 25-Inch Sword And Threaten To Kill Couple

Photo: Brooksville Police Department

Because driving around with a samurai sword is pretty normal if you live in Florida.

We’ve seen all types of weapons used during road rage incidents. We’ve seen a belt being used on a London street, and we’ve seen someone use a bat as well. But this time around some dude was so pissed off on the road that he pulled out a sword.

Police say that Daniel Seymour began “break checking” Adrian and Julian Rivera as they drove behind him. The couple say that Seymour was making obscene gestures while slowing down and speeding up his car. In other words, he was flipping them off.

And here’s where it gets more insane.

NY Daily News

As the road widened and the Riveras drove past Seymour, they said the suspect “sped up” and deliberately struck their rear fender with the left front fender of his vehicle. And then as the Riveras tried to pull over, Seymour “deliberately” ran his vehicle into the back of their car, according to cops.

Cops say that Seymour then “jumped out of his vehicle and approached them in an aggressive manner.” After Seymour was told to back off, he went back to his vehicle and pulled what cops say was a 25-inch samurai sword from the backseat and threatened their lives.

But don’t worry, folks, the couple was fine and the 43-year-old Seymour was busted by police.

Seymour charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and reckless driving, and is currently being held on $24,000 bond.

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