Naked Michigan Man Arrested After Chasing Seagulls On The Beach

Photo: Luis Diaz Devesa (Getty)

Every now and then at Comic Con you walk past a human being taking a shit on the sidewalk, and you find yourself praying to Christ that he doesn’t have kids.

Well, the same thinking applies to this dude.

According to WJBK, a 22-year-old Ann Arbor man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he allegedly got buck naked and started chasing seagulls on a popular stretch of beach along Little Traverse Bay.

Here’s something perspective employers likely don’t want to see from their job candidates:

“State police say troopers responded Sunday afternoon to the beach at Petoskey State Park after witnesses reported seeing the 22-year-old Ann Arbor man chasing birds. They told police he also ran to a paved parking lot and jumped into it as if he were diving into water. Police say the man may have consumed LSD earlier in the day.”


May have consumed LSD earlier in the day? Duh, you think?

The dude was definitely injured after diving into a pool of water that turned out to be asphalt instead, but the extent of those injuries was unknown. What is known is that he was treated at a nearby hospital and then jailed on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting police and indecent exposure.

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