Texas Woman Busted Carrying $2 Million Worth Of Liquid Meth

Photo: Austin Police Department

Oh, and she was traveling with her four-year-old daughter. Mom of the year.

Let’s all meet Seline Ayala. Ayala was recently stopped for speeding by Austin police officers, but of course it wasn’t just the typical speeding ticket scenario, ladies and gentlemen. Instead, police were able to find $2 million worth of liquid crystal meth hidden inside of “Purple Power” jugs. And police can thanks their K-9 officer Emma for finding the stash — a stash weighing in at about 75 pounds.

Texas Woman Busted Carrying $2 Million Worth Of Liquid Meth

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As for why Ayala had all that meth in her car while she traveled with her daughter? Well Ayala tried to make up a story about working for a doctor in Laredo. And that story didn’t work so Ayala eventually admitted to cops that she was taking the drugs to Dallas and that she would be getting paid by another party once she returned back from her drug-run.

Ayala kept flapping her gums as she also admitted that this wasn’t her first drug-run. Ayala now faces federal drug trafficking charges.

h/t NY Daily News

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