Woman Angers Internet After Live-streaming Grandma’s Funeral On Twitch

Photo: Instagram/Jenna Cloud

This live-streaming is getting out of hand, folks.

First we had a woman unknowingly eat poison on a live broadcast and now we have a woman live-streaming her grandma’s funeral. And the woman responsible for the latter? A Twitch user known as Jenna Cloud. This is Jenna Cloud.

This girl clearly isn’t very bright.

Jenna actually decided to head to Twitch and show viewers a live broadcast of her grandma’s funeral. Why? Because people suck these days. And it wasn’t even worth it as Jenna barely got 100 viewers on her broadcast, although that’s probably because anyone with morals doesn’t tune in to see this:

Screenshot: Twitch

And for the people who did tune in, well, they weren’t happy either. And this is proof.

Screenshot: Twitch

Also, this:

Screenshot: Twitter

So the lesson here is probably something that common sense should tell you, but I will let you folks know anyway: don’t live-stream a funeral. That’s it. That’s the lesson. Oh, and have some common sense. Don’t be like Jenna Cloud.

If you for some reason want to check out this stream, check out a replay of it below.

Watch live video from JennaCloud on www.twitch.tv

h/t Dude Comedy

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