Australian Man Checks Single Can Of Beer After Airline Refuses To Let Him Bring It On Flight

Photo: Facebook

I’ve never heard of Emu Export beer, but it must be some rather tasty shit if one dude checked a single can of it as his luggage on a recent Qantas Airways flight.

Well, either that or he’s a severe alcoholic.

According to Barstool Sports, an Australian man named Dean was scheduled to take a flight from Melbourne to Perth Saturday, but the crew at Qantas wouldn’t let him board the plane with a can of Emu Export, so he decided to have some fun with them by checking it as a piece of luggage.

Yup, just a single can of beer.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Well, son of a bitch, the lone can of lager made the trip in one piece, and it even wound up being the first item unloaded onto the belt at the baggage claim in Perth.

beer can 2

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh,” Dean said. “I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end, but when it did, it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage, so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it.”

Dean said he was prepared to file a lost luggage claim if the can of suds didn’t arrive, but there was no need.

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around,” he said. “And there I was in my flanno and RMs to greet her. It was perfection.”

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