Dozens of suitcases in the airport floor

This Photo Of A Ton Of Lost Luggage Is Insane

Photo: luoman (Getty)

Anytime you go flying you know there’s a big possibility that your luggage won’t make it to its destination with you. And that’s mainly due to the fact that airlines are terrible at everything even while they overcharge you. Well recently, New York City’s JFK airport was the scene of a nightmare after last week’s East Coast blizzard halted a bunch of flights. And because of that there was a pile-up of suitcases — some of which didn’t even make its way back to their owner.

Check out this absurd photo of abandoned luggage.

Us, too, Michelle. Us too.

And even when flights resumed there was still a ton of suitcases unclaimed. Have a look:

And look at this:

And try not to get anxiety looking at this:

But don’t worry, some airlines had a helpline!

And for those folks that eventually got their luggage, well they got them back covered  in snow.

Once again airlines have proved they are terrible at their job.

h/t Someecards

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