American Airlines Passenger Hits Airport Employee With Traffic Baton

Photo: Lester Lefkowitz (Getty)

For the most part, everyone’s experience at the airport sometimes makes us want to grab a traffic baton and hit someone in the head with it. But most of us are sane , so we don’t take that next step. Well, one man decided to take that next step, and of course it was caught on film.

The man, who was behaving erratically (obviously) on a Cincinnati-bound flight departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, was apparently grounded and was not allowed on the plane for some reason. But it’s probably because he was acting insane. News got back to the unidentified man that he wasn’t going to be flying out and this is how he responded:

Before this encounter another video shows the man taking his shirt of, and preparing to fight a bunch of airport employees on the tarmac. He probably found out all he was getting to eat was a half-bag of peanuts. So his reaction is appropriate.

“He acts like he wants to fight, or something,” one woman said on that video. “Well, that ain’t gonna get him back on, I’ll tell you that.”

According to Kelly Smekens, a passenger on the flight, this nut job  delayed the American Airlines flight for about 40 minutes. Here’s what American Airlines had to say about it:

“We did have a disruptive passenger on that flight and we requested law enforcement assistance,”  Katie Cody, a spokesperson for the airline said. “It’s an active investigation, so there’s not a whole lot I can say about it.”

The man was taken into custody, but no word yet as to what he will be charged with. Also no word yet if he’s still getting his peanuts.

h/t NY Post

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