This Teenager Woke Up To The Crunching Sound Of A Bear Gnawing On His Head

Roaring black bear. Photo: GreenReynolds (Getty).

Ah, the great outdoors. Nature is truly a marvel that stands out among the things mankind can and should appreciate.

Then there are bears — beautiful animals that will f–k you up if you make so much as a step inside their world. They’re basically the land version of great white sharks, and if you’ve read any of my stuff by now, you know that I ain’t messing around with sharks.

So when a story hits the web about a guy waking up to his dome being eaten by a bear, I can’t help but fear ever going camping again.

This Teenager Woke Up To The Crunching Sound Of A Bear Gnawing On His Head

Dylan, a 19-year-old camp counselor from Colorado who asked not to have his last name revealed, woke up to a pretty crazy situation. You see, he exited his slumber covered in slobber with his head in the mouth of a bear and holy hell! Talk about waking up to nightmares.

“The bear had a hold of my head and was dragging me across the ground,” he told reporters. “I feel really lucky I was laying perfect for it to grab the back of my head and not my face or my eyes.”

This Teenager Woke Up To A Bear Gnawing On His Head

Dylan poked the bear in the eye and that’s how he escaped, but not before the bear sunk its teeth in a little deeper. The whole ordeal gave Dylan nine staples in the back of his head. Here’s what that looks like thanks to Dan Grossman of 9NEWS Denver.

If this kind of craziness happened to me, I’d probably stay out of the mountains for the rest of my days. Dylan, though, said the event hasn’t deterred him from camping in the future, explaining that he isn’t scared and you just have to be aware and respect these things.

Good for you, Dylan. I’ll be out her in suburbia MILES away from you and your bear buddies.

h/t Buzzfeed

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