Hot Lawyer Busted For Acting As Messenger For Brutal Drug Cartel

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Well, looks can only get you so far.

Let’s meet Luana de Almeida Domingos. You may not know who she is, but Luana is pretty damn popular in Brazil as she is a journalist and a lawyer. Well now she might need her own lawyer because she’s been arrested for acting as a “carrier pigeon” for a drug cartel.

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Via The Sun

Luana was found hiding in a property in Ilhabela, a beach resort in Sao Paulo, yesterday. A warrant for her arrest was issued in November 2016 but she evaded capture for over a year despite cops putting up an award of £12,000 for information leading to her whereabouts.

According to investigators, the lawyer allegedly acted as a messenger for the notorious drug cartel First Command of the Capital (the PCC) in Sao Paulo. She is accused of passing information between kingpins serving long-term sentences in high-security jails and faction gang leaders and their foot soldiers operating on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Well damn, this gal kept busy.

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Here’s what the Special Action Police Unit for Combatting Organized Crime had to say:

“Luana Don is believed to be part of a cell called “sintonia dos gravatas” (a communication line linking lawyers and criminals) responsible for handling judicial cases for gang leaders locked up in high-security prisons.

“She is believed to have acted as a carrier pigeon carrying orders given by criminal leaders to gang members on the outside, with strict instructions for their commands to be executed and carried out according to plans.”

This hot blonde is now charged with money laundering and for active involvement in a criminal drugs ring. Of course she has denied all charges and says she is being “victimized.”

Well we’ll see how that holds up in court.

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