bride drinking champaign.

This Bride Was So Pumped To Get Married She Got Busted For A DUI

Photo: TriggerPhoto (Getty)

I know that getting married is a special time in the lives of a lot of people as they are shocked they’ve found another human to deal with them the rest of their life. And while getting drunk at your wedding is usually the way to go, it’s probably best not to get trashed beforehand, especially if you’re driving yourself to your own wedding.

Well according to Metro that’s exactly what happened to 32-year-old bride, Amber Young. Young was pulled over by police and arrested and charged with a DUI. All this while in her wedding dress. Just take a look at the photo below:

Photo: Marana Police Department

Yep, that is not a scene out of a comedy film, that actually happened.

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Young is said to have been involved in a three-vehicle crash on her way to her wedding, but thankfully no one was seriously injured. So that’s the only good news in this story. Police spokesman Sgt. Chriswell Scott had this to say about the crime on Twitter:

“A driver was arrested for DUI this AM while driving to her wedding. @MaranaPD officers arrived at OG/Thornydale at approx 1030 reference a three vehicle collision. One person was transported with minor injuries. Don’t drive impaired, till death do we part doesn’t need any help.”

Young was eventually released without having to go to jail as she just got her blood drawn. No word yet if Young eventually made it to her wedding or if her groom is still waiting for her at the alter. Either way, if this is how Young parties before she says ‘I do,’ I can’t even imagine how insane she gets at the reception.