Texas Woman Gets Probation For Hiding A Loaded Gun In Her Vagina

Photo: Carmelka (Getty)

I’ve heard of women jamming some pretty ridiculous things up their hump holes, but this one takes the cake.

According to the Associated Press, a 33-year-old Waco woman was recently sentenced to 10 years on deferred probation for methamphetamine possession, but it’s the other thing she was packing in her cooter that makes this story newsworthy.

That’s right, kids. When Ashley Cecilia Castaneda was arrested for meth possession in 2015, she let the arresting officers in on a little secret while they were en route to the cop shop.

That secret? You guessed it: She was “packing a loaded handgun in her birth canal.”

Once they arrived at the jail, Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said a cavity search was performed on Castaneda, and sure shit, there indeed was a pistol hiding out in her bat cave. Castaneda’s attorney Seth Sutton actually took the time to address the hidden handgun, but he denied that it ever took place because it is “impossible.”

Photo: Waco Police Department

We’re not sure which institution of higher learning Sutton attended to net that law degree or how fast the internet connection was at that school, but for his own sake in terms of future cases, Sutton might want to dedicate about 45 minutes to surfing through Pornhub today to see that jamming a handgun up your love tunnel is not only very possible, but it’s also rather small compared to some of the other things, both living and inanimate, that girls have welcomed inside of them.

Been there, done that in Tennessee: Tennessee Woman Caught With Loaded Gun in Her Vagina


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