Woman Found With Loaded Gun In Vagina During Strip Search

Photo: someone25 (Getty)

Pockets are so last year.

Before we let you all know about this woman who was walking around with a gun in her vagina, we should remind you that this has occurred before. It happened in Texas and it also happened out there in Tennessee. But now we have to talk about a woman named Amika Witt. Why? You guessed it. She also stored her gun in quite the spot.

After Witt and a male friend, 29-year-old Clinton McDonald were pulled over by police for speeding on an Illinois highway, and they were both arrested after drugs were found in the car — including heroin in Witt’s bra. Witt and McDonald were then transported to the McLean County jail where a strip search was conducted.

And it was during that strip search that police found a loaded handgun hidden inside Witt’s vagina. And oh, if you’re wondering, it was a loaded Kimber .380 caliber handgun that weighs 13.4 ounces. You know, if you were wondering. Here’s what that gun looks like.

Photo: via Kimber America

Well, Witt was obviously charged with armed violence by possessing a weapon during the alleged commission of a felony and while in possession of drugs, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. As for her pal, McDonald was charged with unlawful possession of heroin with intent to deliver the drug, and unlawful possession of ecstasy.

No word yet if McDonald had anything hidden in any body cavity.

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