Indianapolis Parents Arrested For Taking Baby To Bar All While The Mom Offered Sex For Beer

Photo: Chris Tobin (Getty)

Not exactly parents of the year, eh?

Let’s all talk about 45-year-old Michael Trosclair and 42-year-old Shari Tremba. And let’s talk about the fact that these parents not only took their baby to a bar, but Shari was also seen drinking and smoking…while breastfeeding her baby. Oh, and then Shari solicited customers for beer. In other words, she was offering sex for free beers. If that’s not trash I don’t know what is.

parents take baby to bar

But it gets even more bizarre. Shari is a ‘life coach,’ while Michael is a former pastor. Holy hell, that’s not going to get you into heaven, buddy. It all kicked off early last week when Shari and Michael decided to take their baby to the Wild Beaver Saloon after midnight.


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were dispatched to the saloon at 12:38 a.m. Friday on a report of a woman soliciting customers for beer and breastfeeding an infant while drinking. Sgt. Ty Van Wagner said he arrived to find Tremba standing outside of a roped-off area at the bar, holding a cup and standing near a stroller. “The baby was quiet and sleeping,” Van Wagner wrote in his report.

The officer said he asked Tremba who the baby belonged to, and she said the baby was hers. Her answer was followed by a swig of beer. Police went on to say that Tremba’s “breath and person” smelled of an alcoholic beverage and that she had to be asked several times who she was and where she was from.

A witness pulled an officer aside and said that Tremba had been at the bar for quite a while and was offering sex to different individuals who would go inside and get her a beer.

What a classy bunch.

Shari and Michael were both charged with neglect of a dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent, and public intoxication. And don’t worry, folks, the baby was taken to a hospital and showed no signs of intoxication. The baby was also taken in by the department of children services.

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