Girl Replaces Family Photos With Dog Photo Shoots And Her Mom’s Response Is Savage

Photo: Twitter

And yes, I’m a grown man that just used the word “savage.” I’m not proud of myself.

Sure, family photos are fine and dandy, but something that’s way better are photos of a cute dog because dogs are better than humans. And a girl named Marissa Hooper agrees because she went out of her way to slowly replace all the family photos in her home with photos of her dog Dixie dressed up in various outfits instead. Oh, and Marissa’s mom was not very happy at all.

Let’s first take a look at Marissa’s tweet that has gone viral.

And now here’s a much closer look. Here’s Dixie as a Kindergartner.

dog pics1

Photo: Twitter

Now look at this classy one.

dog pics2

Photo: Twitter

And don’t forget this one:

dog pics3

Photo: Twitter

Pretty damn brilliant. But let’s just say that Marissa’s mom wasn’t pleased. Just check out their text exchange below.

dog pics4

Photo: Twitter


Well, now we know how Marissa’s mom feels about her daughter. And we also know how Twitter feels about Dixie the Chihuahua.

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