Florida Driver Gets Asked For License, Pulls Out Half-Eaten Burrito Instead

Photo: Robert Llewellyn (Getty)

At this point, I feel like we need to send Florida some kind of thank you card.

According to TC Palm, when a police officer pulled over a 39-year-old woman on Florida’s Turnpike last month and asked her for her driver’s license, she reached into her purse and presented a…wait for it…half-eaten burrito instead.

Police said Alexandra Ignatkina was driving erratically on May 9 in her blue Ford Explorer, enough so that a bulletin was released to officers everywhere to pull her over as soon as possible. Thankfully, one officer who clocked her at 101 mph managed to get her to pull her vehicle over to the side of the road, and that’s when the fun began.

As he approached her SUV, the officer said he smelled booze, but he proceeded with the usual protocol anyway. So he asked Ignatkina for her license and registration, and that’s when she instead produced the half-eaten Mexican “delicacy.” Her reason for that move? You guessed it: She was Russian and spoke “little English.”

Well, here’s how the rest of it played out after that:

The trooper communicated with Ignatkina using a translation app, and she said she’d been drinking.

“Yes, my friend got a green card today, and we have 1 bottle … 1 glass of champagne around 10:30, 11 o’clock,” she is quoted as saying. The traffic stop happened about 7:45 p.m. Troopers recovered an empty, individual-sized wine bottle in her purse and another in the center console. A third individual-sized bottle was three quarters full.

A breath test measured Ignatkina’s blood alcohol content at 0.183.

Weird. At 0.183, we would have thought that she would have been drunk enough to finish the entire burrito.

At least she wouldn’t have had to pay extra for the sour cream: Florida Woman Busted Offering Oral Sex To Undercover Police Officer In Exchange For Two Taco Bell Soft Tacos


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