Giant Creature Washes Up On Beach And It’s Baffling The Hell Out Of Locals

Photo: Pattimura Military Command

Or maybe a JJ Abrams marketing ploy? Just an idea.

Earlier this week the rotting remans of a massive sea creature washed up on a remote Indonesian beach, and of course it freaked people out as no one could tell just what in the hell it was. The creature was an absurd 50 feet long, and was discovered by local resident Asrul Tuanakota on the northern shore of Seram Island in Maluku province.

Just take a look at this thing:

Photo: YouTube

The 37-year-old who discovered it originally thought it was a stranded boat when he first came across it, but upon closer inspection it was clear that it was not that at all.

Now while local residents are rushing to see this mystery creature, many folks are already chiming in and saying that this is either a giant squid or a sperm whale that just met its demise. And that’s probably the case, but it’s still fun to think of the what if?

Check out video of the rotting creature below.

Local military officials are watching over the corpse, with concerns growing among locals that the disintegrating being could contaminate the immediate vicinity.

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