Can Someone Tell Me What This Giant Creature Crawling Out Of A Toilet Is?

Photo: joebelanger (Getty)

The last thing I want when I go to use the toilet is to see some giant swamp monster coming out of it like it’s a scene from a ‘B’ horror movie. And yet, one family in Malaysia had to deal with exactly that recently.

The video below shows a massive slimy monster crawling out of the family’s bathroom as it makes its way towards them. According to the family, they believe the creature was living in the pipes, and would come up for air or to find food once it could not fit in the sewage system. And while they believe it’s a snake, some people still don’t know what in the hell it is.

Take a look at the video below and you try to figure it out:

The man behind the camera, 25-year-old Zul Hanif Anip, was home with his wife Puteri when this thing appeared. Here’s what Zul had to say:

“It was scary. It came up through the toilet. I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole, because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have got inside. He was about two meters long with a very fat, thick body. I’m not sure if it was a snake or a kind of tidal creature or from the swamp.

It’s head was very small and it had a short tail, which did not look like a snake. There was a child in the house at the time but this creature would not have eaten humans. I think it would have bitten them and left its teeth inside. My house is surrounded by paddy fields so it may have originated from there.”

The pair somehow bagged the animal and let it go into a nearby river.

With that said, what in the hell is that?

h/t Daily Mail

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