Dude Fakes Terror Plot To Get Out Of Vacation With Mistress

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This guy sure did go the extra mile.

Meet Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna. Krishna is a 32-year-old man of Hyderabad, India. And why is he in the news? Well, he pretty much faked a terror plot simply to bail on a chick he was having an affair with. Krishna was having an affair with a Chennai lady in the Southeastern part of Tamil Nadu. And this woman decided it was time to take thing to the next level, and so she made plans to go away on vacation together. And while Krishna promised her a vacation, he didn’t want to go on any vacation with the woman he’d been cheating with.

So Krishna created a fake ticket since he couldn’t afford a real ticket, and before his mistress could realize the ticket was fake, Krishna generated a new email address under a female alias, used it to contact airport authorities in India and alert them to a fictitious group of guys talking about an airplane hijacking. All this to prevent having to go on a vacation with his mistress. Smooth.

Police of course took the email seriously, and were put on high alert. Although they later traced the origin of the email to an internet cafe, along with Krishna’s IP address. Krishna was arrested at his home, and it was discovered that Krishna had been involved in other cyber crimes and had used similar tactics to trick other women he had been hooking up with. Come on, Krishna.

Vamshi is currently being prosecuted under section 182 of the Indian penal code, which means giving false information to a public servant with the intent to cause them to use their lawful power to the injury of another person.

Oh, and this is actually what Krishna said in his “terror plot” email.

“hi sir am female here am doing this mail frim Hyderabad as i don’t want to revel my details couse am a female and scared of issues, and mailing u this couse in the after noon around 2pm while having lunch there were 6 guys talking those guys are musclims, they were talking abt plane hijack tommarrow in Hyderabad chennai and Mumbai airport they were talking very slowly but unfortunately i heard few conversations abt this, they were saying all us 23 people have to split from here and have to board flights in 3 cities and hijack them at a time. They spoke some other things also but i couls not hear them as i heard only these few sentences from them, i dont know do am i doing correct or not and they are true or not but heard this so kindly go through this and as i informed this as a duty and a citizen of india and pls dont make me to get into issues.”

I guess he never discovered spell check.

Krishna, who is married with a kid, could be sentenced to five years in prison, if convicted.

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