Guy Ask Mercedes For A Free Car, Gets Completely Trolled By Them

Photo: Robert Cianflone (Getty)

Earlier this month we told you folks about Southwest Airlines handing out the perfect response to some dude who tried to troll them. Well, it looks like this time around another company decided to troll someone, and of course it’s gone viral.

It all kicked off when 20-year-old Abdinoor Abdinoor from Maine decided to asks Mercedes what he had to do in order to get a free car — inspired of course by the kid who aimed to get 18 million retweets in order to get a year of free Wendy’s nuggets. So here’s what Abdinoor did. 

Check out his tweet below.

Pretty exciting for this guy. And in only a couple of hours he had reeled in 5K retweets. And then Mercedes sent him this direct message.

Photo: Twitter

Clearly Abdinoor was pumped as hell — free car for doing absolutely nothing? Of course that happens!

Photo: Twitter

No Abdinoor, I don’t think they will be needing your address…

(Picture: Twitter/@Abdinoorx2) This Guy Was Pranked By Mercedes After They Asked Him To Get 20 Million Retweets For A Car

Photo: Twitter

And Abdinoor wasn’t a happy camper.

“Didn’t expect to get trolled by a major company like that,” Abdinoor told BuzzFeed. “I assumed they’d ignore me before messing with me like that.”

This dude is upset because now he has to work for a car? Damn, Mercedes, how could you?

And perhaps this tweets sums it all up:

Now I’m going to go ask Taco Bell what do I need to do for a year supply of their Cinnamon Twist. Diabetes, here I come!

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