Drake Gifs Will Improve Your Communication

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage(Getty Images)

When you’re as emotional as Drake is, everything that you feel is visibly shown on your face, that’s why Drake gifs are to replace the alphabet in the world of digital communication. Instead of writing “I deeply believe that you’re mistaken”, just send your buddy a Drake gif with the rapper shaking his hand vigorously. Why say “I feel like you’re not on the right track mister” when you can just post a gif of Drake dismissing the claim for you, and looking fly while doing it.

Here are the best gifs you can use in your everyday communication, starring our favorite constantly-depressed millionaire playboy entertainer Drake.

Of course, as it is for the Drake memes, his music video Hotline Bling is the main mine for gifs, and this one, in particular, proves that moving images of Drake will replace the communication signs we use today. They are the next step in the evolution in which letters were replaced by emojis, now they too are getting obsolete. It’s actually already happening.

We all know the empty feeling when we send someone a song we like and they respond with “cool”, “meh” or even worse with the biggest modern lie “I’ll listen to it when I get home”, so don’t be that guy when you get a track. Instead, show your appreciation for the art of music with one of the most successful current musicians and send this gif of him having an eargasm.

Being always late to meet with your friends is always a drag, but what’s even worse is when someone tells you to hurry up, like you were purposely being slow. Hit them with the ironic Drake running in a cabrio Lambo gif, so they’ll have no choice but to laugh, chill, and wait.

We don’t even want to know the origin of this gif, but it’s amazing, one of the GOAT favorites. And we all have a friend that likes the older women, so blast him up in the group chat after a night out by reminding him of his steps in the club with this gif of Drake dancing with the elderly.

This isn’t just a mere “no”, it’s “no, no, no, no, no, no. Stop”. So it’s to be used in specific situations when someone is explaining something that is offensively wrong. Like when they say that Nicolas Cage is still the king of memes in front of Drake. The crown has passed down, it is done.

If they keep persisting with their sacrilegious stance you can always light them up with this spine-chilling threat.

“Hey man, can you get the car tonight?” – This Drake gif and voila. Everything that needed to be said has been said.

But this is what you have to do after your friends ask you to be the designated driver fourth time in a row. They won’t be able to argue with this.

If ever there was a better example of gloating than this Drake gif we would love you to show us. It’s like the non-verbal version of “neh neh neh neh neh ha ha ha ha” we all do, but Cartman does best. Don’t be a bigger person and skip on gloating, enjoy it, savour it and rub the salt on the wound of whoever was wrong by sending him happy dancing Drake.

Even if they don’t write anything back, you know how they’ll be feeling.

And that’s it, we’re done. You can use this one when you burn someone so hard that it’s game over.

Tell us which of these is your favorite and also which Drake gif do you use the most? Share it in the comments if it’s not already in the article.