Keep Your Home Fully Protected While You Get the Important Stuff Done With This BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock

There’s a lot going on in that noggin of yours, especially when it comes to cracking open the books to start studying for an exam or course you need to have a leg up. Locking up your home is both the least and most important thing to remember. You’ve always thought of your house to be safe, but it’s always in the back of your mind that someone is coming to cash in on your valuables. Make sure that’s not an option with this BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock.

If you’re looking to make your house a little safer for the fam jam, this BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock is a great alternative to the typical bolt and lock. No need to buy a new door for your house (unless you need one, in which case you should probably invest), this deadbolt clicks in right where your existing one is. That said, you can still keep the same key for your lock as backup, since the only replacement is inside the home, and you keep the external portion. it works with advanced encryption, meaning you’re super protected from any unwanted guests making an appearance.

Got a friend coming over? Your buddies can enjoy a temporary password just for them and between a time slot so they can just let themselves in (we would disable it from when you’re walking around naked, things could get weird). This is also a great tool for renters and tenants who don’t need an all-access pass to your abode for the rest of time.

And, if you’re away and need someone to check in on Fido, the remote access allows you to unlock from anywhere at any time. But if you’re extra worried about who can enter, the auto lock and unlock does the job of closing the door behind you, as well as sets off an alarm when something fishy is on the horizon.

You’ll also be doing some good in the process after your purchase is complete. For every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of proceeds will be donated to students or kids in need. You’ll get to vote on where the money goes, so you can give a little helping hand where you think the kids need it the most.

Get the BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock, which includes four AA batteries, four tailpiece adapters, a gateway, base plate, and a manual, for $79.99 (Reg. $119) with code SMARTLOCK. Act fast, our Back to Education Event only runs from 8/10 – 8/24.

Prices subject to change.