Dude Recognizes His Own Headshot In Fake Obituary That Was Used By A Pastor For Paid Leave

Photo: Twitter


According to Someecards, actor James Bland says that his headshot from five years ago has been “used” by so many people and websites that he created a folder on his computer titled “stealing my pic.”

“Yes, YEARS!” Bland said. “I took that photo over five years ago and it has made its rounds on the internet; mostly dating sites. I’ve been surprised at how many dating websites are out there. One time I got a message from a woman saying she was messaging with a guy on OurTime.com who was using my photo. My first thought was ‘da fuck is Our Time?’ So, I did some research and discovered it’s a dating site for people over 50.”

However, having his photo featured on a dating website for people who can get a free cup of coffee at Denny’s is far from the craziest thing Bland has seen his headshot used for, and that’s thanks to a pastor who recently got busted using that same headshot for a fake obituary in an effort to get some paid leave from his parish. Allegedly, of course.

We’ll let Bland take it from here:

The gang at Someecards also pointed out that the “deceased’s” name switched from Eddie to James multiple times in the fake obit, and according to a tweet from Bland that has since been deleted, here’s how the whole thing played out:

Photo: Twitter

Lovely. Just lovely.

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