Vegan Purposefully Crashes Into Chicken Truck To Save The Chickens

Photo: Judy Bishop – The Travelling Eye (Getty)

In the name of chickens!

If you needed more ways to tell if your friend is secretly going vegan, crashing into a chicken truck is one of them.

Judith Armstrong, a 26-year-old woman from Georgia who happens to be a vegan, spotted a chicken truck and decided to do something that other vegans may have thought about doing but never have: she purposefully crashed into it. Twice. After hitting the truck a second time and spinning it around, Armstrong sped away.

Police was called, and efforts to locate Armstrong seemed dimmed — that is until police noticed her license plate had fallen off and was on the ground. Doh!


After catching up with the crazed vegan, Armstrong first said she fled the scene of the “accident” for fear of losing her license, but eventually she caved in and admitted that she slammed into the truck because of her vegan lifestyle. OK…

According to Major Jeffrey Vaughn, of the Madison County Sheriff’s office, the chickens in the truck had just been picked up from a local farm, and they were headed to a processing plant.

Armstrong states that she just wanted to protect the chickens. And to no one’s surprise, Armstrong was driving drunk, and was found with a BAC above the legal limit. And now Armstrong is facing charges of aggressive driving, hit-and-run, driving under the influence and obstruction.

I get that you’re all about protecting the lives of chickens, but do you really have to risk human lives in order to do it? Come on, lady. You’re giving vegans a bad name. Well, more so.

h/t Elite Daily

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