Florida Teen Brothers Destroy Girl Scouts Cookie Stand Over $20 Debt

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You all know how it goes with these Girl Scouts and their debts.

We have talked about some bizarre stories involving the Girl Scouts in the past. Let’s not forget about the guy who stole money from those girls in order to pay for a prostitute. There was also the tool who actually stole money from Girl Scouts, too. But now we take it to Florida for this bizarre story.

So this all began when 18-year-old Daniel Kennedy, his 16-year-old brother and their mom, 47-year-old Erin Kennedy approached a Girl Scouts cookies stand outside a Palm Coast Walmart. The Kennedys told a man, 49-year-old Thomas Ketchum Sr. that his daughter owed them $20. Yep, just $20. Well Thomas’ wife, 47-year-old Lisa Ketchum informed the Kennedys that they didn’t have the cash.

So the Kennedys asked to be paid in cookies. You can’t blame them, those cookies are heaven.

Of course the Girl Scout’s family didn’t hand over the cookies, so the Kennedy brothers decided to destroy their cookie stand, as they flipped the table and grabbed boxes of cookies. Daniel allegedly began punching towards Lisa, and when Thomas went in to protect her, Daniel attacked him.

It wasn’t over yet. Daniel continued to lose his mind, as he punched Lisa’s 15-year-old son and shoved him. Lisa was also hit in the head a few times, before two women driving by put a stop to this madness.

This is Daniel, who of course was arrested.

Daniel was charged with disorderly conduct and three counts of battery. His younger bro was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and one count of battery.

Those damn delicious cookies make people go nuts it seems.

h/t Elite Daily

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