Florida Dad Leaves Burglar With Broken Nose And Busted Eye

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Once again, this story comes to us from the Sunshine State.

Sometimes you have to work together in order to thwart a threat. That is why this Florida couple beat the snot out of an intruder, and exactly the reason employees and customers teamed up to beat up an Ohio guy trying to rob a gas station. But the Florida guy in this story didn’t need any help, as he took care of a burglar all by himself.

Trained Jiu-Jitsu artist Brian Burch showed his training to burglar Josue Ortiz when he caught Ortiz stealing his tools from his garbage and putting it into his car. Well, how did Burch leave Ortiz? See for yourself.

Florida Dad Leaves Burglar With Broken Nose And Busted Eye

burglar left with broken nose


According to Burch, he heard someone scuffling around his house, and then he headed into the garbage to check it out. That’s where this Fort Myers father found Ortiz in his garage carrying his jackhammer case and airgun case. Ortiz tried to run away, but it was to no avail, as Burch beat the hell out of him.

“I was holding him down. Once we got to the ground, he started pushing and fighting me, and I hit him one time,” Burch said. And all that left Ortiz with a broken nose, busted eye and swollen lip. Well deserved.

Police was called thanks to a neighbor who spotted the two men fighting. Burch held down the terrible burglar until police arrived.

“They told him he got exactly what he deserved,” Burch said. “I’m just glad he’s not on the street anymore and can’t hit anybody else’s home.” Nah, he’s just being laughed at by everyone behind bars because Ortiz was charged with graft theft and burglary.

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