Florida Dude Live Tweets After Discovering His Roommate Murdered Her Boyfriend In Their Apartment

Photo: Twitter

But is she going to resign the lease? That’s vital information.

Now that Twitter is one of the biggest things on the planet, people take it upon themselves to let their followers (and the world) know everything that is going on in their life. That’s why we learned about this woman who decided to hide poop in her purse during a date. And that is also why we were all about this woman and her live tweets about her neighbors having loud sex. But the live tweeting below is much, much more serious, as it involves an actual murder.

A guy from Gainesville, Florida, actually live-tweeted his reactions at his home when he discovered that it had turned into the site of a murder investigation. You read that right, folks. It turns out that his roommate, 24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner, is now being held in the Alachua County Jail over the death of her boyfriend, Jose Ricardo Ortiz III. So he was living with a murderer.

Check out this crazy live tweeting thanks to this Twitter.

Here’s the proof, as he showed this.

And of course he couldn’t stay at his home.

Although perhaps this didn’t come as a surprise.

No surprise here, but he decided to move.

Still surprised he’s moving?

“I really didn’t expect this to blow up like it did,” he told Elite Daily. “I’m bad at reacting to serious situations so I thought I could just go to Twitter. They were dating ever since I moved in in August. I don’t know how long before that but apparently they broke up a week or two prior to this. I literally can’t fucking believe it happened.”

Neither could Twitter.

There is some crazy stuff happening out there.

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