This 3-Year-Old Pulled The Cruelest Prank On Her Scared Parent

Photo: Thomas Barwick (Getty)

They are starting younger and younger these days.

Of course we here at Mandatory love us some pranks, even when they go wrong sometimes. But whether it’s a mom pranking her daughter by making her go to school when it’s close, or it’s a brother pranking the hell out of his sister with a fake car, there usually is a few laughs along the way. But this prank right here is cruel as hell. And guess what? A three-year-old was behind it.

So here’s what happened. A three-year-old recently walked up to her parent and told them that she had hurt her toe. And this is what her toe looked liked. Take a look at the photo below thanks to Reddit.

This 3-Year-Old Pulled The Cruelest Prank On Her Scared Parent

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Photo: Reddit

But all is not how it appears.

This is how her parent captioned the photo: “My 3.5yo just came up to me and said she hurt her toe. That’s a piece of grape. She pranked the shit out of me.”

Savage. Holy hell, this kid is vicious.
This kid actually peeled a piece of red grape skin off and placed it on her toe so that it could look like it was bleeding. I don’t know whether to applaud her or be terrified. Probably the latter. But still, kudos, you crazy kid.

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