Woman Buries Wrong Cat After She Thinks It’s Her Own Dead Cat

Photo: Lulamej (Getty)

Well, at least that cat got a nice sendoff.

There sure are some cat lovers out there — just like the English dude who used his pet cats to recreate some famous scenes from classic movies. Although, we can’t say everyone is a cat lover since we once told you about a storage that was found with 40 dead cats in it. Yeah, quite a bummer, I know. But not to worry, we now have this story that sort of has a happy ending.

A woman named Cathy Vickers wanted to give her cat Tom a proper burial after discovering it had passed. So Cathy wrote this on Facebook in honor of the family cat:

Woman Buries Wrong Cat After She Thinks It’s Her Own Dead Cat

“RIP sweet Tom. You will always be the coolest cat. My boys will miss you!”

Photo: Facebook

So that was quite lovely. But here is where things get bizarre. Just an hour after posting this nice little tribute, here’s what Cathy posted on her Facebook.

Photo: Facebook

“Ok this is embarrassing. I don’t know whose cat we buried, but Tom just showed up at our house. Only at the Vickers’ house. Got some happy boys here.”

So this lady actually came across a dead cat and thought it was her own cat, Tom. So she actually buried someone else’s dead cat. Well, regardless, someone’s cat is in cat heaven.

Cathy’s son posted this turn of events on his Twitter, where it got over 108,000 likes.

Well, at least Tom is still alive. Unless they really did bury Tom and Tom is a zombie cat…

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