Harmless Tweet Poking Fun At Student’s Spelling Gets Maryland School Employee Fired

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And the pussification of America continues.

According to Fox 5, the web coordinator for the Frederick County Public School system is now out of a job thanks to a group of parents and online community members whose senses of humor range from god-awful to nonexistent.

On January 5th, a student named Nathan begged for school to be closed “tammarow” in a tweet sent to the FCPS account handled by Katie Nash. Highlighting the obvious misspelling of the word “tomorrow,” Nash playfully answered back with “but then how would you learn to spell ‘tomorrow’? :).” That was apparently enough for her to lose her job.

Harmless Tweet Gets Maryland School Employee Fired

Photo: Twitter

Despite the fact that Nathan himself said he “didn’t take it personally,” there were others who considered it an act of bullying and cybershaming, and their overreactions apparently have more pull than the student who initiated the conversation.

“In this instance it was so obvious that there was no attempt to make this child, the student, feel bad,” Nash said. “So I think it might have been a little bit of an overreach.”

In a related story, it appears as though “:)” is no longer an acceptable way to say you’re just joking, having fun or smiling. I guess it’s emojis or bust from here on out, fellas.

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