Birthday Girl Asks For Unicorn Cake But Gets Something Super X-Rated

Photo: Steve Russell (Getty)

We’ve already told you lovely pervs about the dirtiest cakes you’ve ever seen or will ever see, but all those cakes were intended for adults, and not for children. Well someone may want to tell the bakery responsible for the cake in this story because something tells me they didn’t really do what the little birthday girl wanted.

So apparently a little girl asked her parents for a unicorn cake according to the folks who shared these pretty hilarious photos of the cake (and it’s only hilarious because we weren’t the one getting it). “Our daughter wanted a unicorn cake for her birthday like the one she saw online,” the parents explain.”We didn’t really get what we expected.”

So what is the huff and puff all about? Well the cake below is what the parents expected to give their daughter for her birthday. Take a look at it thanks to Reddit.

unicorn explicit cake1

And unfortunately, this is what they received:

unicorn explicit cake2

Now I don’t think about you, but that sure does look like a penis. It’s like some gold statue of a penis that some king forced his peasant followers to built for him.

But hey, hopefully that little girl is young enough to not even notice this at all, and she will be happy with just getting a cake. And hopefully the man or woman who made this cake will follow their true career path and go work at an erotic cake shop.

h/t Mirror

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