Drunk Polish Guy Who Was Pronounced Dead Wakes Up At Morgue And Then Goes Back To The Bar to Drink More

Photo: fergregory (Getty)

If you think your Uncle Mike has a drinking problem, or if you think the guy who was attacked by a machete by his wife for drinking too much has an issue, wait until you meet Kamil.

According to Speisa, Kamil is the 25-year-old Polish man who was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest after drinking too much vodka but then found a way to wake up while he was still wearing a “toe tag in the morgue”and proceeded to go back to the local pub to continue getting shithoused.

Photo: EzumeImages (Getty)

Photo: EzumeImages (Getty)

The remarkable feat happened last weekend in the small town of Kamienna Gora after Kamil took down a shit ton of vodka, walked outside because he “felt bad” and collapsed from cardiac arrest. After several attempts to revive him on the spot failed, Kamil was taken to the local hospital. It was there that he was pronounced dead, so he was taken to the morgue and “placed in a refrigerator.”

A short while later, guards at the morgue said they heard a noise coming from the refrigerator section, so they went to investigate. Thinking they would find a few kids who broke into the morgue, they were stunned to find pretty much the exact opposite: a naked Kamil asking them for a blanket.

The guards called police and a doctor, who couldn’t believe that Kamil had basically come back from the dead. He performed a few tests and then sent the newly-alive 25-year-old home, but Kamil made a slight detour and headed back to the bar to get his drink back on.

And while at first that seems like the craziest of ideas, you have to think that there really isn’t any protocol for rising from the dead. Congrats, buddy.

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