The Internet Imagined What Donald Trump Narrating ‘Planet Earth’ Would Sound Like And The Results Were Hilarious

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)

Not feeling too great about the election results? Don’t worry, neither is half of the country, as half of us are worried and terrified while the other half is happy and eager to get going. So now we wait and see what will happen. But until then, if you want to feel better, take a look at what Bill Burr thinks about this. Or better yet, take a look at these perfect Joe Biden trolling Donald Trump memes.

And speaking of Trump, leave it to the internet to come up with a hilarious and ridiculous Twitter hashtag that went viral. That hashtag? #TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth. That’s right, the folks on Twitter imagined what it would be like if our new president actually narrated popular show Planet Earth. And the results were amazing.

h/t Twenty Two Words

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