This Tinder Pickup Line Might Be The Best One Yet (And It Got Him Laid)

Photo: NBC

Another day, another Tinder post, because there is always something funny, or bizarre, or sexual, or just damn unexpected, and now we have another one for you.

We already know that this might just be the worst pickup line ever used on Tinder, and while we have already seen what occurs when a battle of the pickup lines begins (it gets mean and aggressive), here’s what happened when one guy decided to drop what might just be the best pickup line on Tinder.

Take a look at what this dude said to a girl named Amber on Tinder thanks to Reddit.

This Tinder Pickup Line Might Be The Best One Yet (And Might Get You Laid)

This dude right here gets it. And if you don’t get it (because most of us don’t), just remember the traffic lights: Red, yellow (Amber is also a color that is yellowish/orange) and green. So, “Amber comes before we stop).

Brave, good man, bravo. And now because of that you went ahead and had yourself a night (or day) of naked fun, so kudos to you.

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