Chinese Bride And Groom Forced To Have Sex In Front Of Wedding Guests

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Something tells me this won’t go in the wedding album.

So what’s up with weddings in China? This is the same place where a bride let weddings guests grab her boobs in order to raise money for her honeymoon. Although we can’t forget a wedding in Saudi Arabia that involved a groom divorcing his bride just two hours after the wedding because she shared pictures on Snapchat. The world has gone mad. And now it’s back to China for this bizarre story.

Apparently a just married Chinese couple were ordered to hook up in front of everyone under a red duvet, in what seems like a wedding custom. And get this: The couple not only had to get naked in front of a bunch of wedding guests that probably got them toasters, but they had to play with a banana, too.

Chinese Bride And Groom Forced To Have Sex In Front Of Wedding Guests


One of the guests can be heard yelling to the bride “You climb onto his body now!’

Check out the strange video below.

The couple is laughing along so it’s not clear if they are actually playing along and are used to this “custom,” or are uncomfortable and scared that those laughing guests will soon turn murderous. Regardless, this is something that obviously should not happen anywhere.

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