University Of Albany Sorority Girls Arrested For Forcing Pledges To Eat Mud And Garbage

Photo: Pat Canova (Getty)

Man, I miss college.

College is all about drinking, getting lucky, never sleeping, crashing your car while trying to take a topless selfie, having chocolate stolen from your car, and eating mud for your sorority. Wait what?

According to COED, seven sorority girls at the University of Albany were arrested last week after they allegedly forced pledges to eat mud and garbage as part of a hazing session for Alpha Omicron Pi.

Officers responding to a noise complaint quickly learned that they were uncovering something just a tad worse when they arrived on the scene and saw four girls being forced to eat mud and garbage. On top of being forced to eat that shit, pledges were also doused with some kind of foul-smelling liquid.

At least one student had already stopped pledging the sorority before this latest around of nonsense, saying the abuse was just too much to handle.

“They would say like ‘you’re worthless,’ or ‘you’re a stupid (expletive).’ Some of us got stepped on and they’re all wearing heels,” she said.

Officials at the University of Albany said this particular sorority isn’t recognized by the school, and Officer Steve Smith of the Albany Police Department used the incident to remind everybody that hazing is not only dangerous but also against the law.

Maybe it’s just us, but it still sounds better than Chipotle.

Note: Courtney West, the Assistant Director of Public Relations for Alpha Omicron Pi International Fraternity, reached out to us to emphasize that “Alpha Omicron Pi does not have a recognized chapter at the University of Albany and has not since Nov. 2014. This is a local organization that is not recognized by the international organization nor the university.”

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