Florida Man Calls 911 Because His Mom Won’t Pay For IHOP

Photo: RJ Sangosti (Getty)

In his defense, those pancakes are delicious.

People sure do love food and they are willing to fight with it. Don’t believe me? Let me remind you of that all out brawl that occurred at a Memphis IHOP. Let me also remind you of the West Virginia woman who fought with her own son over a burrito. And now, we bring you thing story.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a 52-year-old North Palm Beach man was arrested early Tuesday morning after he called 911 because his mother wouldn’t give him any money for a trip to a local International House of Pancakes.

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Police said this wasn’t the first time they showed up to Gerald Anderson’s house and found him shithoused after misusing the 911 emergency system. In fact, this was at least the 15th time since September 18 that Anderson had to be reminded that something like mommy not giving you cash for pancakes isn’t considered an emergency, even in Florida. They had even warned him of that just one hour prior to his pancakes call that led to them arriving on his doorstep.

It appears as though police finally had enough of Anderson’s shit this time around, as they booked him into the Palm Beach County Jail, where he is currently jailed. And since he’s a 52-year-old man who needed cash from his mom for pancakes, you have to think he’ll be there for a while because coming up with enough scratch for bail is obviously going to be quite the bitch.

It’s unknown if Anderson lives alone or in his mother’s house, but if it’s the latter, it would definitely be on the short list of things that are more embarrassing than calling 911 because she won’t pay for IHOP.

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