This British Girl Started A Brilliant 17-Year Revenge Plot Against Her Cheating Boyfriend Who Wanted His Money Back

Photo: Fabrice Lerouge (Getty)

Time and time again we’ve learned that if you’re cheating you’re either going to get caught and dumped, or you’re going to get caught, dumped and have revenge plotted against you. Just ask the girl who was caught and confronted by her sidekick and the girlfriend she was cheating on. Or ask about the dude who was cheating and his truck paid the price. The point is, you will always get what’s coming to you. Even if it takes 17 years like the girl’s revenge plot below.

A young British woman named Harriet from Cheshire, UK, recently broke up with her boyfriend Dan after she discovered that he was just cheating on her. So instead of apologizing, Dan decided that he really wanted to get repaid for, and get this, a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert they attended together.

Well, guess what? Harriet has started the payment plan, it is just going to take a little while. Take a look at what I mean by looking at the text exchange between Harriet and her now ex-boyfriend thanks to Harriet’s Twitter.



Photo: Twitter/Harriet11



Photo: Twitter/Harriet11



Photo: Twitter/Harriet11

That’s right. Dan will be getting one damn penny a day until the ticket is paid in full. And according to Harriet at this rate it will take 17 years.

I guess that’s what Dan gets for agreeing to see Justin Bieber in concert, because sitting on barb wire may have been more entertaining.

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