Girl Calls Out Her Ex For Being On Tinder, Dude Comes Back At Her Hard

Photo: Twitter

If you find yourself on Tinder chances are you’re either going to come across an old classmate, a friend, or if you’re really unlucky your current partner. But the one girl in this story came across her ex and she decided to out him on Twitter.

A 20-year-old girl named Brianna spotted her ex-boyfriend Adrian on Tinder. And the funny thing is that he had edited her out of a photo in order to put it on his Tinder profile. And of course Brianna shared it all on Twitter. Take a look at the tweet below.

Well Adrian got word of it and he made sure to come down on Brianna hard for trying to convince everyone they are still friends. They aren’t. Take a look at how Adrian responded.

Well that’s a one 180. And Twitter of course was loving it. Check out some of the reactions below.

According to Cosmopolitan, Brianna, was surprised by Adrian’s response.

“We were friends before all of this happened, so I thought he would think it was funny, just like I did,” Brianna stated.


As for Adrian’s clap back, Brianna said their issues “went deeper than ‘lying and wanting [her] ex back’.” Brianna disputed the latter allegation, and said that both she and Adrian lied about things.

“I’m not perfect, but neither was he. We both had insecurities and faults in the relationship and that is ultimately what caused the break up. I would never publicly blast him on anything he did wrong in our relationship and I still won’t.”

Brianna also said that she and Adrian have since talked and had a chance to sort things out ever since their new viral fame — she went to Adrian’s house and he apologized to her for his response. “He said he shouldn’t have said it and he felt bad. He said he’d delete it once everything settled down, but there’s no point if it’s already gone viral. I appreciated the apology but doesn’t change the fact that I felt completely disrespected. Regardless, I know who I am and what happened in our relationship.”

In conclusion, keep your dirty laundry off social media, folks. Or don’t. Then it’s just more entertaining stuff for us to write about.

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