Drug Dealer Is Busted After She Leaves Note On Her Door About ‘Snitches’

  Photo: Eitan Abramovich/AFP (Getty Images)

People do some stupid thing when they are on drugs. Some quick examples is the guy who got naked while high and decided to stage dive at EDC headfirst. Oh, and no one caught him. Then there is the insane grandmother who had sex in front of her grandson while high. And while it isn’t confirmed whether the person in this story was high, we are just going to assume that not only was she high, but when it comes down to it she is just a massive idiot.

If you’re dealing drugs, I would imagine you would be quite paranoid about someone ratting you out. But sometimes, you might rat on yourself. Well, this person did. Two deputies from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department were responding to a joyriding complaint when they spotted this note on the door of the house nearby. Check it out below thanks to their Facebook:

Here’s a closer look:

“Due to snitches, everyone entering my home is subject to being searched! All cellphones and drinks will be left outside. (If you’re not a snitch, it won’t offend you if I search you!!)”

Yep, exactly. You now understand why this might catch someone’s attention, especially the police.

Because of this note the deputies asked about any drug selling that might be going on in the property. They also did a quick search for drugs. Guess what? They found heroin and methamphetamine.

The home owner, 38-year-old April Lynn Lavender was obviously arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. Good going, April.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Department shared a picture of the sign on its Facebook page with the caption: “While drug investigations often require a great deal of time and effort, sometimes the criminals make our job pretty easy. If someone posts a sign on their front door about searching ‘snitches,’ it’s a pretty safe bet that there are illegal drugs being sold out of that location.”

Apparently April didn’t know that.

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