Ohio Man Arrested After Stealing Sex Toys And Top Half Of Sex Doll From Porn Shop

But if he only has the top half, then where is he going to stick his…oh, her mouth. Now I get it.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 26-year-old Ohio man was arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering after he broke into an Elyria porn shop and made off with $2,650 worth of sex toys, including the torso of a $2,000 sex doll.

Eva didn’t totally do it for Doyle, but that was nothing a $46.99 blonde wig couldn’t fix. Surveillance video showed Doyle and just the upper half of his new flame with her new do exiting the store and then trying to get back in, but the doors had locked behind him.

Police used the video to help identify Doyle, and they even found the top half of Eva, which of course was “discarded outside a Red Roof Inn near Cirilla’s.”

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