Dude Leaves Himself Helpful Note For The Drunk Version Of Himself To Read

Before going out to get some drinks you usually tell yourself that you’re going to limit yourself to a few. And since that is a total lie, you end up being quite drunk. And this is why 30-year-old Steve Davidson decided to leave himself a note before heading out to get some drinks in him.

Check out the note that Steve left thanks to Twitter. But more importantly, check out what drunk Steve responded.

“Fuck you, Sober Steve,” drunk Steve responds to sober Steve’s helpful tips: “I do what I want. P.S. Tell Hangover Steve, he’s a lil bitch.”

Drunk Steve should have probably listened to his own helpful note, as he woke up feeling like total shit: “It [the hangover] was absolutely terrible. There just isn’t enough water in this world to cure the thirst.”

Just more proof that drunk you will always be a bigger idiot than sober you.

h/t The LAD Bible

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