Man Tries To Rob Chuck E. Cheese’s During Job Interview

Photo: YouTube

Like asking for a combination of anchovies and chocolate chips on your pizza, that’s a bold choice.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a man walked into a Lexington, Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese’s Wednesday afternoon, asked for a job application, returned a few hours later for an interview and then…wait for it…tried to rob the restaurant.

Man Tries To Rob Chuck E. Cheese’s During Job Interview

man robs chuck e cheese's after asking for job application

The manager told police everything with the interview seemed normal until the man asked him to empty out the safe and made it known that he was carrying a gun. The manager told the job applicant that he did not have access to the safe and “advised the man to leave.”

Police aren’t releasing the suspect’s name, so at least for now, we’ll have to wait and see if he did the only thing dumber than attempting to rob a joint during a job interview, which of course would be putting his real name on the job application.

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