Guy Asks For Sex With Emojis on Tinder, Girl Gives Perfect Emoji Reply

In a few years, emojis will replace English and become our new primary language, so it isn’t a surprise when people (mainly men) use emojis in order to come off as cute or clever. That’s exactly what one guy did when he used emojis in order to convince a woman to have sex with him.

Going by the above, it looks like the guy is asking Amanda for a make out session, followed by sex, which will then follow with pizza, which will then follow with Amanda’s parents handing out “Missing” fliers. Although that last part isn’t shown in emojis.

Amanda of course followed with the perfect response that should scare off any man:

Looks like Amanda replied with dates, falling for each other, marriage, the death of this “creative” guy, followed by all his money going to her. And since they would be married, I don’t know how much sex that guy would actually get anyway, so yes, this is not a happy ending at all for him.

Via Someecards


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